Who are Denny & Debby Seler

​As directors of CINCEL, Debby and I are delighted to present to you this wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish and to be trained in intercultural living within the setting of the beautiful country of Costa Rica.


We became directors in May of 2013, having served cross-culturally in Spain and Jamaica where we lived for extended periods, as well as working with FACULTAD, the Assemblies of God post graduate training program for all of Latin America.  Our ministry experience as district leaders, national leaders, educators, and senior pastors has provided a diverse framework of ministry experience, aptly preparing us to serve in the role of directors.


It is a privilege to work alongside a staff of international teachers whose collective average is 21 years teaching Spanish as a second language.  Their desire to see each student develop his or her full capacity of learning in regards to the Spanish language is eclipsed only by their passion to serve the Lord within the context of their work both in and out of the classroom.


The support staff works diligently to assure that the facilities (classrooms, apartments, offices, and grounds) are maintained at a high level of cleanliness and livability.  They are a staff committed to serve all who are part of CINCEL, as we all endeavor to create the best possible atmosphere that we can to facilitate language learning and cultural adaptation.


It is the goal of all to have each member of the CINCEL family feel valued and encouraged as he or she is a part of the program here in San José.  It is our goal as directors to provide oversight and direction for all: students, teachers, and staff alike.


We welcome any questions and responses that you may have.



Denny & Debby Seler