TODDLERS  AGES 3 -5  Teachers:  Donna Kelly, Katelyn Kelly, Joyce Foland, Kim Simons , Tanya Wright

CHILDREN'S CHURCH: 6 - 11  Teachers: Cheryl Humbert, Lisa Michaux, Chris Fennell, Robin Michaux, Gwen Beatty

All of our teachers and associates have their state and federal criminal and abuse clearances ( Acts 33 & 34) and background checks.  Your children will be taught and ministered in a very safe and loving environment.

There is a very safe and secure drop off and pick up procedure.  

There is a digital monitor system in the sanctuary in case a parent is needed.

All toys are routinely sanitized and disinfected.

Kid's Kingdom ministry consist of songs, crafts, bible stories, memory verses, prayer, role playing, and bible lessons on your child's age level among their own peers.  Your children will be excited and have fun learning about God's Word and Kingdom!  Your children will look forward to coming to church!!!